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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sorrel - It's like holiday cheer in a cup!

Mom is making Sorrel

The holiday season is such a great time of year! Spending time with family and friends, eating, ...COOKING!!!!

I was at home with my parents for Thanksgiving, so I got to spend time in their wonderful kitchen. I grew up in this extremely spacious kitchen cooking on our 6- burner proffesional gas cooktop (with a grill in the middle) and baking in the in-wall double ovens...and had NO idea how blessed I was to do so. None. That is, until I got my own apartment with its baseball- base plate- sized counter-top, and 4- burner electrical coil cooktop. Now, in my early twenties, I appreciate when I can get home, not only to visit my family, but also to cook..in that kitchen.

One of my favorite times around the holidays is when Mom makes Sorrel. Sorrel is the name of a plant that, when dried, resembles dried hibiscus flowers (Whether they are the same thing, or not, I do not know, but I do plan to find out). Dry sorrel leaves are a beautiful deep red in color. The drink is most commonly called just "Sorrel" after the plant that it is made out of, but it may also be called "Sorrel Punch" or "Sorrel Drink".

The sorrel leaves are boiled in water, with fresh ginger (and sometimes a cinnamon stick) until the water is a deep crimson. Then you can remove the leaves and add sugar according to how sweet you like it. You can serve it either hot or cold (I prefer it as a cold drink). It is sweet, tangy, a bit spicy, and it warms you up inside. It's like holiday cheer, in a cup!

Note: This traditional West Indian drink was part of my childhood, I grew up on it, so for me it is a taste that I have always liked. Most people that I know, who have tried it, also enjoy it, but, it may be a bit spicy for those who have more delicate tastebuds.


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