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Friday, March 18, 2011

BLTs and ETAs

We've gotten into a habit and we like it. Brunch has become a "thing" for me and my two roomies. Usually, it involves some kind of familiar, or well loved food with a twist! We can't do it everyday but we try for at least once a week.Although we run on different schedules we can usually catch each other somewhere between 10am and 2pm and grab a peaceful bite to eat before our day swirls on.

Around the middle of February we had an impromptu brunch on our deck (it was unseasonably warm then) which consisted of BLT's with "Dilled" Mayo, Balsamic Strawberry Salad, and Spiced Peach Sodas. It was delicious, and completely relaxing!

This past week, Debs and I decided to poach some eggs. Upon realizing that I had some some beautiful vine ripe tomatoes and dos avocados I decided to incorporate them into the meal. I originally was going to serve the veggies on the side. It was Debs who asked why I didn't just put it all together. [She's a genius]

What did we create? ETA = Egg Tomato Avocado. So amazing! The velvety smoothness of the egg yolk, paired with the nutty flavor of the avocado (which I mashed a little with some lime juice and a pinch of salt) and the fresh, rich flavor of those tomatoes was like a symphony in my mouth!

I do not hesitate to say that brunch, in my house, is here to stay =)

Eat on fellow eaters!

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